Scrum is OK

I’ve been reading the scrum guide recently in order to tear it apart. Turns out: it’s actually alright


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The Case for Dropping Agile

Agile has been around a while now. It largely feels as if it has become bloated and overcomplicated. Maybe it's time we had a re-think?


Is working from home a "failed experiment"? No.

Working from home this past year has been difficult for many people, but we need to start separating our experiences this past year to post-pandemic


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Redeveloping my site in Svelte, Sapper and Sanity.IO

Every now and then I redevelop my site as an exercise to learn something new. This time it is the turn of Svelte, Sapper and


vuejs | firebase

VueJS, the Composition API & Firebase Authentication

Using Firebase Authentication to control access to Vue3 applications with the Composition API


vuejs | development

Structuring VueJS apps with the Composition API

Vue 3 introduces us to the Composition API. Here's a quick overview and some advice on how to structure your code.



Basic Custom Cookie Authentication with .Net Core 3.1

Adding simple custom cookie-based authentication to a .NET core 3.1 app


vuejs | development

Structuring Vue components for reuse

VueJS is an ultra-flexible front-end JavaScript framework, below is a suggestion for how to structure your app to make it a little more manageable.


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Push vs Pull in Software Development

I've been thinking a lot recently about Push vs Pull in software development; two terms that refer to how work is moved from planning to production


process | testing

Test Driven Development - An Opinion

I've seen a lot of hate recently for TDD. However, done right, TDD is an invaluable tool for software developers


dotnet | graphql | c-sharp

GraphQL with .Net

Creating a GraphQL API using DotNet Core 3 and graphql-dotnet